Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lookin' like the world?

Do you look more like the world - or - like Christ?

You know when they compare those who claim to be Christians to the rest of the world both groups look an awful lot alike. Making the same kind of money, spending it in the same ways, similar educations, hobbies, desires, dreams, divorce rates...what I'm trying to say is that if you put a Christian & a non-Christian in a room together most of the times the look, act and respond the same to the world around them....

As I drove to work this morning thoughts of my tea encounter yesterday, a friends blog that I read and what the dj was sayin on the radio made me think...are we more like the world we're living in, or the world of our Savior? Do we care more about the rules of the world or the 'rules' of Christ?

We're commanded to 'love your neighbor as yourself' and I think we as individual Christian's and as the Church we often times fail. How many homeless guy's need a cup of tea or coffee in the morning and we just walk right on by. Or what if we pause and throw some spare change their direction but never stop to have a conversation?

How many times could the church open it's doors both literally and figuratively to our 'neighbor'? What kind of example are we setting for the rising generation? How many out there are the 'least of these' that we should feed, clothe, shelter, pray for/with, and just do something about. Yet, we sit by, and on a good day think - I really wish I could do something - but...

And we maybe hope that someone else will come along and do something about it. It's always easier to think 'someone else' will/should do something...the problem is each of us is a "someone else" - we need to stop looking like the world around us and start acting like Christ - it's then that we will begin to look like Him.

Today I hope to look a little less like the world and a little more like Christ! What about you?

Someone else for Him,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tea, almost a missed opportunity!

In most ways it's a typical Wednesday morning for me. I'm out of the house a bit earlier than other days, and I enjoy a nice, for the most part - drive downtown. I'm headed to one of my favorite coffee shops. Pulling into the parking garage (cuz the first hours free) I grab my bag and head down the steps - for what I think will be a bit of quite time before my 8am meeting.

Each Wednesday I meet with a small group of college-age guys for some fellowship and whatever else happens - usually some riveting discussion about something pertinent to life.

Some weeks when I hit the ground level of the parking garage and walk towards the street I see anywhere from one to three guys, I'm assuming homeless, sitting near the entrance. They usually don't even look up from their conversations - but on occasion we exchange hellos, or good mornings. Today was a bit different - there was no one sitting there, but I saw one of them walking down the sidewalk. as we passed he asked if I could spare fifty cents.

I said, no, but I thought I could spare a dollar - you see most times I know how much cash I'm carrying - I could have swore there was one dollar left in my wallet. As I pulled it out I was a bit embarrassed, as I had just gotten his hopes I had nothing. He said, that's okay, told me to have a good day and I did the good Christian thing and said sorry and God bless.

I was halfway across the street - coffee shop and quite time within reach, and something stopped me dead in my tracks, before I could even think I heard the words leaving my mouth as I turned back towards the man - "do you want a cup of coffee?" I knew I didn't have any cash, but I did have a form of plastic in my wallet. He perked up and said, "no - but can I have tea, I'm more of a tea guy."

Hey, whatever you want. He joined me in the middle of the street and we made our way into the coffee shop. And he got a cup of green tea!

Who will you stop and buy a cup of tea for today?


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fancy Halloween...

This must be the week of re-posts...

Just read an interesting article (somewhat humorous)by Jon Acuff

When Did Halloween Get So Fancy?


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In -or- For, this is the Question...

Whether you're married, engaged, single and planning to marry someday, single and your just not sure if you wanna get married, dreaming about the perfect spouse or something need to check out this series.

Man vs. Wife

This is the first in a multi-part series - but it's got some great wisdom, and some good music if you don't skip ahead to the message portion. Pastor Perry delivers a great sermon from Philippians 2 - check it out and then come on back here and share your thoughts.


have you talked to The Father today?

Came across this cool video from Willow Creek this morning:

The Lord's Prayer from blaine hogan on Vimeo.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do you have the courage?

A friend passed on an amazing blog post to me this morning...I couldn't continue in my morning without sharing it will all of you...please take five minutes and read it, and then take another minute to share it with those you know - do you have the courage to change a life?

Single Dad Laughing