Friday, December 3, 2010


What would living out Mark 12:31 this Christmas season really look like?

How would our world, your neighborhood - be impacted?

How could the perception of Christ's Church be changed if we took this passage seriously?

What it for every dollar you spent on yourself, your family, & your friends this Christmas you also spent a dollar on a neighbor*?

* neighbor being, the poor, homeless, hungry, naked, widowed, elderly, children...those who are in more need than us

Let's round down to the nearest hundred billion and say that American's will spend only $400 Billion this Christmas. If we took this 1:1 seriously one of two things would happen:
- We would spend $400 Billion on ourselves & $400 Billion on our neighbors
- or We would spend $200 Billion on ourselves & $200 Billion on our neighbors

either way we probably still have more than we need and the world would be changed forever, and that's just talking about 1:1 during Christmas 2010. What if we did this every year, or even better - what if we did this every day?

Don't be afraid to ask "what if" this Christmas - I think Christ would be pleased with our response.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's coming - only 22 shopping days left!

Isn't it great that we have all the big-box retailers to remind us every year that it's Christmas time (or in reality that Christmas time is within 5-6 weeks from beginning). Some offer a count-down as you walk into their store (this many shopping days/weeks until Christmas), some put out Christmas decorations, toys, gifts, etc the day before Halloween, many start playing Christmas music (disclosure: I believe Christmas music is some of the greatest music in the world and to limit that to only 4 weeks a year is a joke - so this is the exception that can come out Nov 1st). The point is - they never forget to remind us what season is upon us.

Anyway - it seems earlier and earlier every year we begin to get those reminders about the coming Christmas season. Even with all of these fun reminders, I still hear so many people say "I can't believe there are only 23 days left until Christmas - how am I ever going to get all my shopping done and all those gifts wrapped? It baffles me. We can already predict that it's 55 weeks & 1 day until Christmas 2011, and another 52 weeks to that if you need to know when it will be here in 2012. It's really not that hard to figure out.

But, we find ourselves in a similar position to people during the first Christmas - yes there was a bright shinning star, the angels announcement, and even Moses had a heads up that Christ would be coming. Yet, it still snuck up on them....maybe it was because there was no holiday section set up 8 weeks in advance at the local Shepherd-Mart? Who knows?

God was and is The One who is never caught off guard - by the first Christmas or this Christmas. It was no accident, twist of fate, or some random last-minute decision. Christmas, and Christ's coming have always been a part of God's grand plan. All in the works since before the creation of the universe.

We often may feel like Christmas crept in while we were not looking, but the first Christmas and the Christmas of 2010 did and will come at the perfect time - precisely when God wanted.

Don't let the rush of retail, the glamor of un-needed gifts, the frustration of family, or anything else steal away the true reason God sent us such an amazing Gift on Christmas day. After all, it would be tragic if we, who know the true meaning of Christmas, celebrate the holiday without acknowledging the Messiah.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What Should I Give?

In following my last post - I thought I'd throw some suggestions out there of some organizations that you might prayerfully consider giving to this Christmas.

Remember what you give is between you & God - just ask Him what you should give and chances are He'll give you an amount that you're gonna think is too much...but if it's from God - trust Him, when has He ever let you down...Worship Fully!

Living Water International

People's City Mission

Heifer International
(give some animals)

Compassion (the gift that will keep on giving - Sponsor a child this Christmas)

Yellow Ribbon (yes, I have a bias here - but I know the support they receive will continue to save lives from suicide)

Or here are a few other random ideas: each time you pass a Red Kettle this month (Salvation Army) drop in all the change you have in your pocket/purse. Next time you pass a homeless person (you know, the one holding the sign, or walking through downtown) take 30 minutes and buy them a meal or cup of coffee...don't just buy and run, break bread with them - share Christ's Love by sharing with & getting to know them. Or, just ask God to move your heart and when you get out of bed each morning say "God I'm available today" - allow Him to show you how He wants you to give this me - you'll see opportunities cross your path!

Merry Christmas!