Thursday, May 27, 2010

G90X - 8

Just finished reading for day 8! Still loving the discipline of reading daily and doing so from Gen 1 to the end of Rev.

a favorite verse from today's reading:

"When a man has lost his hair and is bald, he is clean. If he has lost his hair from the front of his scalp and has a bald forehead, he is clean." Lev 13:40


In all seriousness - just in the past week or so God has really revealed some great things to me during this time of reading, prayer and just a different focus about my days.

Anyone else want to join the 90-day journey???


Friday, May 21, 2010

G90X - 3

3 days down and I love it!

I haven't started on my 90 mins of prayer for this first week - but the first days of reading have been a blessing.

Still waiting to hear if any others are joining the challenge???


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

G90X - 1

Here we go - I've jumped in and I'm starting this 90 day journey - Ready, Set, Go!

We start in Genesis 1 and end with 16.

I've long found it fascinating that in Gen 1 at the 'separation' of each step of creation that is says 'there was evening, and there was morning - the _____ day.' We begin a new with evening/night and wake in the morning to see what God has done - even to this day!



A fellow youth leader posted on his blog the other day a challenge of sorts to other youth leaders. He said he was starting what he called G90X (from the P90X extreme 90 day work out). He's changed the 'P' to a 'G' for God. He said he was going to start an extreme 90 day spiritual workout.

I'm hoping to stick to a few of his goals for his 90 days and set my own G90X workout for the next 3 months. Here is my plan:

  1. Go Through the Bible in 90 Days ~ I've printed out the Bible in 90 Days guide from this site (if you want to also print one and join in too!) I hope to journal/blog some thoughts as I go through the next 90 days - so feel free to stay tuned and add your thoughts or join me in the challenge.
  2. Spend 90 minutes of concentrated prayer per week ~ not your typical "Good morning Lord" or "thanks for the food" quickie prayers, but concentrated, passionate and intensive worship, supplication and intercession where I spend time in PRAYer (Praising Him, Requesting stuff, Admitting sins, and Yielding to His Spirit). *I totally ripped off #2 word-for-word from this youth leaders blog...bonus points to the one who can track down this other youth leaders blog post
  3. Memorize Verses ~ This other youth leader has decided to memorize 90 verses - he's challenged others to do 90, or 9 or whatever works for you personally - I haven't decided how many - but I'll start with the goal of just memorizing more verses...if I come to a # goal I'll post it in a later blog.
So, that's my plan for now - for my Spiritual goal(s) for the summer. Join me (us actually - since this was another leaders challenge to a much broader group) if you so desire - you can start today, tomorrow or in two weeks - just do something, set yourself a goal to grow stronger spiritually this summer - increase your understanding of God!

If you decide to participate in some fashion (note: you don't have to have the same goals) post a comment here, or shoot me a message and let me know - I'd love to pray for you during your G90X and hope that you would pray for me.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coming To A Church Near You...

saw this video posted on another youth leaders page - thought I'd share and see what thoughts you might have:

"Sunday's Coming" Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.