Friday, August 28, 2009

Flashback to the 80's

We spent some time this evening re-living our childhood, through the tv shows we used to watch.

Here is one of the classics!

What ever happened to good TV?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday's Two-Cents

thoughts about the past week(end) ~ well to sum it up it kinda sucked! I was looking forward to one of my first weekends with nothing really scheduled for the past two months. Then the phone rang. Sadly, I was called to join some students at the loss of their friend, classmate and loved one - Emily Johnson. Although the loss and death of a youth is horrible, it was a privilege to come along side so many of those grieving and be a listening ear, a presences in the crowd or a word or prayer of encouragement.

on a lighter note, I spent Sunday with my wife - we're working on getting ready to replace a retaining wall at our home - so we picked up some of the stone and still have to go back for more. Sunday evening was spent on the UNL campus for Big Red Welcome. We had a booth set up for FUEL a new young adult ministry that is just getting off the ground. It was fun to meet so many people and hand out so many air fresheners. If nothing else the college dorm rooms and cars will smell a bit fresher this semester!

this weeks to dos ~ funeral, Back-2-School BASH, class, meetings, Thirsty, FUEL, and more...

book I'm reading ~ just finishing up Strengths Based Leadership. Then I'm gonna glance back at PDYM.

tunes that triggered ~ Amazing Grace

thoughts about the coming week ~ its going to be interesting...I started back to school yesterday to work towards finishing my degree (Sociology) at NWU. I'm excited about the class I'm in this semester. I'm looking forward to some of our projects, papers, readings etc. I'm also looking forward to our first FUEL meeting on Friday and of course the Back-2-School BASH tomorrow.

Scripture to skim ~ Ecc 4:1-4

Friday, August 21, 2009

What if...

What if you walked into youth group for the first time (ever) and experienced this....

What would you think?


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday's Two-Cents

thoughts about the past week(end) ~ I LOVED this past weekend. I had the opportunity to spend most of it at the St. Benedict Center for our annual Student Ministry Leaders Retreat. I loved the chance to get away and spend some time in fellowship with some of the team, reading, reflecting and connecting with God.
Then we came home - 'loved' finding that our home & front yard had been vandalized. Honestly it really just disappoints me - two weekends in a row - both when we were out of town. Sad!

this weeks to dos ~ some work around the house. At the office, getting some final wraps on the Fall Kick-off stuff and Leadership teams.

book I'm reading ~ Finished reading "Your Own Jesus" by Mark Hall over the weekend...a great read - recommend! Currently reading "Strengths Based Leadership" by Tom Rath & Barry Conchie - great read, highly recommend and can't wait to see what it will do for our church leadership.

thoughts on the coming week ~ does school really have to start tomorrow? I'm not quite ready for Fall Kick-offs

Scripture to skim ~ Romans 12:4-8

Monday, August 17, 2009


Here is a video I ran across on Youth Specialties...ask yourself if you want to text & drive after watching this...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday's Two-Cents

thoughts about the past week(end) ~ last week was busy, hectic and frustrating...the weekend however was good. A chance to spend sometime with extended family at the wedding of my wife's cousin. The only downside was the time it took for the reception to get underway.

this weeks to dos ~ eye doctor - maybe new glasses. work - still working on Fall kick-off stuff, can't wait for the Back-2-School BASH, it's gonna be a blast. I've got a couple of meetings and hopefully a round of golf later in the week before heading out of town for our Student Ministries Leaders Retreat.

book I'm reading ~ Purpose Driven, Messy Spirituality and the new one by Mark Hall.

tunes that triggered ~ "Marvelous Light" great song!!!

Scripture to skim ~ Philemon (yes the entire book!)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A letter to those who TRIED to TP us...

Dear Attempted TPer(s),

It was very disappointing to pull into our drive after a weekend out of town to see a sad, sad attempt at TPing our home. So, allow me to offer some pointers and suggestions for the next target on your TP list.

  1. Always TP when your target is home (asleep) It really is no fun (or even a challenge) to TP someone when you know they are out of town. (Plus it looks bad to the neighbors when no one is even home to clean it up the next morning.)
  2. Do it after dark - anyone who goes to TP when the sun is still up or nearly up needs a lesson in being how to pull a prank!
  3. Never forget your supplies (this also means do not leave anything behind other than the TP).
  4. Always stick to your target - don't TP the neighbors they're likely to get upset - especially when they're not the target!
  5. CAREFUL! There are more than 340 homeowners each year that shoot the TPers with shotguns.(45 each year result in at least 1 persons death) (I found this one online - I wouldn't use a shotgun, but a paintball gun is not out of the question - just a fair warning!!)
  6. Don't use TP that will disintegrate if it rains - it makes clean up a lot easier when it disappears. :-)
  7. Plan ahead - know the neighborhood and what time it 'goes to bed.'
  8. In most cases - especially if TPing your youth leader/director/pastor you should expect at some point down the road to receive retaliation. (the general rule for YD's is x10 whatever you've done to them).
  9. Don't leave rolls behind - it's like free TP for the house you've targeted
  10. If the target knows or possibly knows you're coming - abort - reschedule for another time.
  11. Think! Don't trespass - if the target has a fenced backyard - you should probably stay out of it. Oh, and never vandalize - remember you're playing a prank, not looking to break the law.
So, there are some thoughts and pointers for those of you who tried to TP us. Thanks for loving us so much to make this attempt to pull a prank.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday's Two-Cents (on Wed)

thoughts on the past weekend ~ had a great long weekend in K.C. Stephanie and I took a short vacation to get away for a few days. We spent quite a bit of time hanging out on the Plaza. We took part of a day and went to the Nelson-Atkins Museum (you should check it out if you're in the KC area) and another day we went to Schlitterbahn - a newly open water park in the KC area. Overall a great weekend to sit back and relax.

this weeks to dos ~ a lot back in the office - finishing touches on Leadership Teams (I hope) - I'm waiting on people to get back to me on what they have discerned and prayed about as far as serving. Also getting ready for our Leaders Retreat next weekend. Overall a busy week!

book I'm reading ~ Messy Spirituality, Purpose Driven Life

thoughts on the coming week ~ it's gonna be a ride - a busy one at that!

Scripture to skim ~ John 11