Thursday, July 19, 2012

To dance, or...

Have you ever been asked to dance? Or have you ever asked someone to dance?

What response have you given, or been given?

I know that I've often been asked to dance by Stephanie. In my head I keep telling myself that I can't dance. And I know I can't dance as well as my wife - but I also can't sing as well as her - this usually doesn't stop me from singing (especially in the car by myself).

My point is that there are times in life when you just have to get out there and dance. In life, Christ has called each of us to dance. Some of us are called to tango, others to slow dance (this is the one I'm best at), and yet more are called to the Chicken Dance. The thing is that we're all designed and called to be a part of The Dance.

God has gifted each of us in many ways. Often times though we react in the way many youth do at a middle school dance - we stand along the wall. We pull ourselves from the God given potential and stand on the sidelines of life. Yes, sometimes the dance we've been called to is hard. Sometimes we take the wrong step, or forget what's next...but we're not called to lead - As He has called us to the dance - he will lead us in the dance.

He's calling - "Dance then wherever you may be. I Am The Lord of The Dance said He. I'll Lead you all, wherever you may be and I'll lead you all in the dance said He."

Your Savior is calling - will you join the dance?

Honestly, it's more fun at the dance, so come on dance, or...