Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Simple...

Today it's simple - no profound thoughts, no wonderful new ideas, or woeful comments - just a simple request to pray. Pray for those who are in harms way in the Gulf Coast area. Pray for our emergency response personnel and those who will help with the emergency response and rebuilding efforts. It's simple - just PRAY!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm A Barbie Girl....

No, not me - it's a song - if you know it - you're kinda old - if you don't, be thankful.

Tonight as I sat here in my "God chair" getting some work (that needed to be done) done - I had the pleasure of listening to some old-time wife was working on putting some of her old CD's onto iTunes.

It's always great to have a "fun-flashback" soundtrack to a rough night (end of day) of work.

So, tonight - a short post - see ya tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day Off

So I had a day off - my intentions for spending my day went out the window I spent most of the day hanging out with my dog. I spent some time debating (really in my head) in the spray paint aisle at Mendards today - the debate is still going on, which color and should I really do it? It's only 9 squares!

I've been toying with the idea of a regular appearance on the blog (borrowing an idea from Marko and some from Griff) for a Monday Morning Update - but I like the sound of Monday Morning Mix-Up - or something - maybe you can help name it. I like the idea of sharing some ideas of how the last week went, what's coming up this week, what music influenced me this past week, etc. So, for ALL my blog readers - I'm taking suggestions - what are some things that could fit into a regular Monday Morning Mix type of post? Leave you're suggestions and we'll see what happens.


Monday, August 25, 2008

God chair

I sit here and wonder what does God want? I usually take it beyond just the wondering stage and ask The One in charge to give me a clue. much to my surprise I've been getting quite a few clues lately. Some think - one "clue" you can ignore or it might just be you're own motives sneaking in on you - or a really bad idea. When a second (really the first one coming for round 2) comes at you - i just have to think 'I'd be dumb not to pay attention.' So I try!

So now I sit here and ask again "give me a clue" and it's like the reply was right there - you can't do it all! So, I said okay - I'm going with it!

That's it,

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Boxers & more...

Well, the morning started early for a few dedicated leaders - Operation Boxer Shorts III had been put into play and completed this morning. The operation was very successful - in all 7 youth were kidnapped from their homes/beds/sleep - we took them on a short adventure before feeding them breakfast and taking them to worship. So, my day started with boxers....

Then the "more" entered the picture - a busy day was a head....why on earth do we do things like Op Boxer Shorts on the same day as the B2SB? Anyway - the rest of the day was filled with lots of air and water....a dunk tanks (that's the water) and an inflatable obstacle course (that's the air) mix that in with several dozen youth and leaders and it's a recipe for a night of fun. A lot of work - but it's worth it.

So, not much of an intellectual post - but I'm fried - and my hand is in pain - from a jambed finger to a burn from my quick attempts to come to the aid of an injured youth. Prayers for you injured youth - i hope things get better soon. For now, I sign off - and head to my bed if I listen intently I think i can hear it calling my name......nope, wait - that's just the voices starting to talk in my head! Night.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ice Cream, Boxers & Fire trucks...

In a nut shell that has been my day. Sadly I didn't get to eat any ice cream - but I did have the chance to make some "Ice cream cone cupcakes" for our Sunday School kick-off tomorrow. Kind of reminds me of the laid-back days of childhood summers. don't know why - just what it makes me think of.

The boxers, well - that's a better story for tomorrow - but trust me you'll want to check back for this story. It'll really be a good one. Fire trucks - well, they're kind of self explanatory - big, red, flashy lights and fun. I'm not sure why but I have this buried passion for fire trucks. But only when they're lights and sirens are on. I think this also goes back to my childhood - my next door neighbor and good friend growing up was obsessed (in a good way) with these elaborate emergency vehicles.

So, today my thoughts were riddled with weird ice cream cones, boxers (stay tuned) and the fire trucks paying a visit to our apartment complex. it really was a fun-filled day. all reminding me of my childhood and the reason I'm so happy to be called to work in a field where I can live many days in the likeliness of a child-like-faith.

Until later,

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's ruining the world

Okay, maybe that's not entirely true....

Well, first you probably need to know what "it" is - well you know, it's that one thing we can't talk about - if we do, we must whisper the word - or blush at the mere thought of it. So, there "it" is - and it's ruining the world.

back to my original response - maybe it's not entirely true - but I believe that somehow, somewhere along the line something went terribly wrong. Where in the world did we get the idea (and I mean world, cuz it's sure not God's thinking) that it is okay to just throw it around like it doesn't even matter - I mean, where's the respect?

Respect for yourself, each other, what it stands for - and bottom line respect for God! Where did it go?

I'm not sure - why, but God has blessed me with several conversations with those around me (several of which have been uncomfortable - oh, not for me, for the other party) as we talk about "it" this week. I've come out of these conversations with mixed emotions - some of them "ended well," others "I think they're on the right track" and yet others "I'm not sure what they're thinking."

So, I guess I just hope that we can all open our eyes, and start listening to God - after all God made the rules - not to keep us from having fun - but to keep us safe and closer to Him - and isn't that what we all want? To be closer to God? And to enjoy "it"



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