Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Christmas List...

At 28 years old, I think I'm quite content with all that I have. This past month I posted various things I was thankful for - falling in with the theme of Thanksgiving! But, when I look at all that I have, I feel blessed. Then, when I look at all I have compared to what many in our world do not - I still feel blessed, but I feel a stir within me.

I have known since I was much younger that I enjoyed giving more than receiving. I think most of this is credit to The God who has blessed me thus far in my life. I know that when I give to the least of these, I am giving to Christ. And let's face it; Christ came into this world to GIVE for you and me - so shouldn't I, as I strive to be like Christ always desire to give whatever I can to others...thus showing them The Christ that I claim to follow.

What good is it if I get one more un-needed trinket or gift certificate or the latest electronic gadget or......?

Every time I here about Advent Conspiracy it opens my eyes to how crazy we've made this entire Christmas season....we see stress levels increase, debt increase, and we seem to lose focus of what Advent & Christmas are really supposed to be about...Him, born in a manger. Honestly, let's just start with the clean water...one place says American's spend over $400 billion on Christmas every year....and it would only cost around $10 billion to provide clean water to those around the world who don't have it.

So, for Christmas this year - instead of more stuff that I don't really need (yes, I am human and there are things I want....but need - no, not really) I wish we could all

- Worship Fully (like those who came to see Christ at His birth) we get more excited at our birthday's - let's actually get a bit excited and really celebrate and worship The King!
- Spend Less
- Give More
- Love All

I think it's what He would want!

Start a new tradition this year,
Celebrating Him,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A new home?

Looking for a place to live? Have a small family? Want to be nice to the environment and not have a lot of vacuuming to do?

Then check out this tiny house!

If you need something a bit bigger, call my friend Mary at HOME she'll hook you up!