Monday, February 28, 2011

A cure for cancer...well, almost!

Two months ago I signed on to join the staff at Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program. I knew that we only had funding in place to pay my salary for two months...but when you've got a proven method of saving lives - especially lives of youth - you would think funding might come a little bit easier.

Although it's not a cure for cancer, it's just as important. I still feel I'm enough of an 'outsider' from Yellow Ribbon to take a look inward and say this without feeling like I'm patting myself on the back - but the training/curriculum that YR has and uses is some damn good stuff. I'm mean, really good quality. The teams that have come together over the past several years to write, edit, proof, rewrite and produce our training curriculum is five star. This is some great material and there is documentation from third parties that it's working - it's teaching a lifeskill that is saving lives - of all ages.

So, when I look at the 'product' and see the impact it is making, and then think of the impact it could be making if expanded into new venues/markets/schools/faith communities/you name it....I feel a bit sick when it's not getting to the people that need it. Let's be honest, everything in society today costs money...again from the outside looking in - Yellow Ribbon does take money to run (like any business), but YR isn't running a multi-million dollar operation (although think of what we could do if we were.) If over 10 million YR cards can be distributed on a annual budget in the neighborhood of $150-165K...what happens if we double that?

To be honest, in eight weeks of being on staff with Yellow Ribbon, I've seen some amazing things happen - and I have faith that even more is around the corner. But, what I hate to see is people learning about YR after they've already lost someone they love. I know we can't save everyone - but I know we can make a bigger difference. A friend and mentor of mine always said that if something wasn't happening (that is part of God's plan), it's simply because someone isn't bringing their piece of the puzzle to the table. I can't help but wonder who out there has the missing pieces to this life-saving suicide prevention puzzle.

In a sense we have a cure for the 'cancer' that is suicide...we just need the bucks to get it out to those who need it.

In closing a verse that has helped me to stay focused these past two months: "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap the harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who's update

Last fall I wrote a post called "Who Should Blog."

I just thought I should post a quick update to let you know one of the "Who's" is now blogging...I take no credit for this new member of the blogging world, but I wanted to make sure all who wanted to check out this great thinker could do so. Drop on over to "Simply Max" and check it out.


Friday, January 21, 2011

A new year and a new....

Happy New Years!

Sure, it's a bit late - but like someone said 'better late than never!'

So, I heard rumor that someone had be checking in here and were looking for an updated post from yours truly. So, I hope this may lend way to some more frequent updates here at Chris' Corner in 2011.

These past few weeks have been quite a transition and thus far I'm enjoying it - a new position with Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program (a lot more on that in future posts), a search for a church home (more later), and inching closer to Baby Hansen. So for now...

To help get you started, swing over to Pastor Perry's Blog and check out his latest "Forgive Us Lord!"