Monday, November 24, 2014

"You Fill My Cup To Overflowing"

Notes from NeXus Worship at HeBrews 2:11 last night:

"Your Fill My Cup To Overflowing" (Psalm 23:5)

I’m excited about tonight - because it’s a night that will go in the history books for HeBrews - and you have a choice to be a part of it! Let me read you the passage and then we’ll talk about this….

Psalm 23

A little bit of HeBrews (2:11) history….

* began just down the hall in a discussion between some colleagues

* a vision was caught, and steps of faith taken.

* this room was built -
what one had thought would cost around $10k ended up closer to 40k. this room (and thus it’s ministries for nearly the past two years) have been a reality because of the obedience of others, the blessings of God and The Overflow.

What happens in the overflow?

* the simple one is, people have met Jesus!

but lets dig a little deeper - we’ve seen:

* faith questioned and wrestled with through discussions (small group & one-on-one)

* faith renewed in those who have walked away and returned through this community

* a community served (Jacobs Well, roses on the street, clothing & blankets for the cold & homeless, Bibles to those who didn’t have one, Drake, and so much more….)

* people walk away from addictions

* relationships healed

* mission trips

* and more...

* A family created

It’s Thanksgiving…so I think it’s appropriate to take time to be thankful for all that God has given us at HeBrews 2:11 through “the overflow” - through the obedience of others, through their “bringing”

Many years ago I had someone in a church tell me that we’re supposed to give our money to the church….God says so….so I did….but it wasn’t until a bit later in life that I really made that decision my own. It was kind of like growing up a Christian - I just always did it….and then one day, I started doing it because it’s what felt like the right decision for me. The same became true for my money.

You see God has always provided what I needed…

Malachi 3:10 says:

Bring to the storehouse a full tenth of what you earn so there will be food in my house. “Test me in this” says the Lord. “I will open the windows of heaven for you and pour out all the blessings you need.

I’ve had everything I’ve ever needed - food, clothes, a place to sleep, and so much more….so much more that it’s no longer a need, but it’s just nice things to have or “wants”

If we go back to the beginning of that passage there are two things to look at:

1. storehouse - for me, my understanding is this is the local church, if you keep reading it says so there will be food in my house. I don’t know about you - but I’m pretty clear on what God’s house is - so if there is to be food in His house - maybe we need to look that the storehouse is in face the LOCAL CHURCH.…if you think differently - or don’t know, you need to figure that out with God.

2. Bring - this is telling us to bring a tenth or tithe - not to GIVE. We bring something that is not ours, we give something that is. So, God has given us the ability &/or blessing to earn an income, to have money….God wants us to “BRING” 10% of that back to the church. In doing so, the other 90% is blessed!

In my experience you can do a lot more with 90% that is blessed than 100% that is cursed.

Some of you have heard bits and pieces of my story along the way - random money given to me here (“God told me to give you this”), ability to pay my bills, free trip to the grocery store, recently a speaking gig that will put some extra cash in my pocket, and more….

But here is the thing - this comes back to a relationship….

Look at John 3:16 - what’s it say?
For God so loved the world that He GAVE…

GIVING is one of the only tangible ways we can demonstrate our love for God.

The secret to a lasting relationship is to build it on a foundation of giving

In the Hansen household we give 10% - there have been times where it would have been easier (on us) to give less, but the foundation we built our marriage/family/etc on is that of Giving!
For me it comes down to an issue of hypocrisy - I become a hypocrite if I claim to trust Jesus with my eternity but not my bank account.

He is either Lord of ALL or not Lord AT ALL!

Lets jump back to Psalm 23:5 - did you know the word “cup” (especially in Psalms) stands for prosperity or blessing experienced in one’s earthly walk?

Do you tend to see the cup as half empty or half full?
What if you didn’t have to look at it either way - How about overflowing!!!

Being a part of something bigger (the overflow) is God’s promise to each of us.

Here’s the deal -
Bring our first & best back to God.
- He promised to bless the rest (bring Him 10, He blesses the other 90)

So, lets talk for a moment about what happens when you bring your money to the storehouse?

- Remember the list we talked about a few minutes ago (HeBrews History) - that’s the first thing that happens. People have and are doing that to enable ministry to happen right here.

- But there is more - dream big - what problems are out there that The Church should be addressing? When the people of The Church bring their tithe to The Church we can change the world.

- HeBrews 2:11 can continue to grow, make disciples, send them into the world and impact peoples lives for God’s kingdom.

Chapter 2 of HeBrews is ready to be written - you stepping up will help write the best version of that chapter possible.

Tonight when you came in you got a packet with a pledge card - I want you to pull that out.

If you make $1,000 this month, based on the things we’ve talked about tonight - how much would you bring to the store house? ($100), multiply that by 12 and you’re bringing $1,200 into the store house.

*a pledge is a commitment - but let’s say you get 6 months into the year and lose your job - will HeBrews come hunt you down and demand your $600 for the remainder of the year? NO!
What if you double your income 6 months in - will HeBrews come hunt you down and demand your extra $600? :-)

So, what happens when we - the HeBrews 2:11 community choose Lord of All, when we bring our tithe, when we live out of the overflow?

The Church is working the way it is supposed to & your 90% is BLESSED!

Live out of the overflow & remember The Best Is Yet To Come!

***If you call HeBrews 2:11 your worshipping community, or church home - I'd like to challenge you to think about what God is asking you to do, and to make a pledge to HeBrews in 2015. There are Pledge Cards available and we would welcome your pledge at anytime in the coming weeks***