Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What If...Pray!

"What if" can be a scary question to ask. Sometimes though, it's a good, or needed question - if we don't ask...will we become stuck in our ways, afraid to try something new, or worse?

I think a good youth worker asks this question often...and on rare occasions decides it's time to take the "What If" that's what I did. Over the past weeks I've been in conversations with our Pastor, friends and other youth workers, and folks connected to YAYA. I'm excited about this what if...I'm excited we're taking some steps to slightly realign our 'program' to be the best ministry it can for those we're serving.

There is a great song "What If His People Prayed?" by Casting Crowns (if you're not familiar with it you can find it on YouTube). The lyrics are so powerful, and almost a call to action..."what if we prayed?" What if in this question the "we" was us, First Pres, our youth, our young adults, our families & leaders? What if we said "I'll pray for you" and then actually did? Well, if you're in, we're going to do just that in the month of November.

This next month will be a focus of Worship (3 amazing nights of worship to participate in) & Prayer (daily, through November).

That's right there are three amazing groups of Christian worship leaders (aka bands) coming to the area and we want YOU to join us for some opportunities to worship our God. We've identified a topic/theme to pray for each day throughout the month. And, you'll get daily reminders (Facebook, Twitter @1PCYAYm, Text message) to help you remember to join your church family in asking God for some amazing things.

What happens when His Church truly prays? My hope and prayer is that we're about to find out. Come back here throughout November to join in some conversations and share your thoughts on how you're seeing God answer prayer.

What If? For Him,

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