Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ministry Appreciation

Disclosure: This is not intended to be a pat on the back, or self-promoting post...just thought I'd bring some attention to those who serve us through ministry.

October is a month to show appreciation for Clergy and those in Ministry. Depending on who you ask it's often called "Pastors Appreciation Month" or "Clergy" and others "Ministry." Personally, I like the latter because I know several people in full time ministry that deserve a little appreciation.

Maybe more so the families of those in ministry deserve the appreciation. Speaking from experience I know sometimes it's my family that sacrifices for my work schedule. Regardless, there are many gifted and dedicated Pastors and Ministry workers out there that deserve a "thank you" during the month of October.

I know many who have impacted my life, and several who still do, to this day - I hope and plan to share my appreciation with them during the month.

It doesn't have to be (but it could) sending your Pastor & spouse on a cruise or long weekend vacation. Just a simple card, or note, or other simple way of expressing your appreciation for what they do for you, your family, your church or community. So while you're keeping busy during the month of October, make it your goal to reach out in some way to those you appreciate who have served or do serve you through ministry. Just do me a favor, don't send them a text - go old fashion and pick up the phone.


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